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Rivieras Leisure Shoes, founded in 2009 and based in Paris, is the creator of the famous Rivieras. That classic loafer with the iconic easy-going summer look took its origins in Spain, where it was worn on celebrating the Costa Blanca in the 50’s.

Faithfully redesigned to keep its distinctive retro look, it has been nevertheless improved to fit all modern needs. From low to high ventilation, according to the season, from the beaches to the cities, sun or shade, night or day, the Rivieras stay true to their motto : « Refined, relaxed and classically desirable”.

Alongside their classic design, each Rivieras collection brings new horizons with their unique range of styles, fabrics and colors. Each year, we create limited editions with brands and artists that share their passion for the quintessential warm weather look. The Rivieras are the starting point of a global leisure feeling : « lux, calm and pleasure »

The brand Defend, arisen from the inspiration of a fashion designer, Jeremy Douay, and developed by the imagination of an artist, Brahim Zaibat, has for objective to convey strong messages whether it is through allusions, or by the use of powerful and universal symbols. Declined in several collections, it aspires to touch diverse sensibilities, and to help certain associations in connection with the broadcasted messages. Launched with the collection Defend Paris, the brand quickly filled out with collections: defend Human Rights, Defend Coexist and Defend Brazil. Creativity, fashion, design, message, symbol, are the key words of the brand.

RADICAL is an international high quality fashion label for men, which was established in 2011. Originally the focus was on t-shirts, but over the last few years the label has expanded its vision and also developed jeans, sweats, accessories and a unique shoe collection. RADICAL’s mission is to create a lifestyle for edgy men who dare to be different. #BERADICAL.

RADICAL offers clothes and shoes for men. Good quality is one of the most important standards. The team aspires the products to be excellent and they always try to be the best in what they do. What drives them is innovating and noticing trends at an early stage. Being tenacious yet, at the same time, being able to listen to what the confident man of the 21st century wants is very important. Sophisticated, manly, and at the same time rough items with distinctive details are key to the collections.

Radical Blackline is RADICAL’s premium line, which allows the label to create a new and innovative style. This line is sensitive to trends, and typically consists of dark colors, edgy lines and soberness. The clean Radical Blackline collections are perfectly balanced with other RADICAL items. Created for the confident man who believes in edgy streetwear.

Mayhem Homme is a T-shirt brand found in 2014. During an phenomenal trip to Egypt, Mayhem got inspired by all beautiful shapes and places. The result is a refreshing new line of shirts for all body types. Innovative prints and badges on t-shirts ready to wear.


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